Successfully Defending Your Essay

Undoubtedly, dissertation writing is a lot of work that requires research, writing and revisions more than students have ever done in their academic life. Also, the fact that majority of PhDs undertake some form of part or full time job to fund their expenses leaves them with lesser time to spend on the dissertation. In such a strict schedule, the preparation of a great dissertation defense can be very difficult. Nevertheless, a few days of hectic routine and intense workload, the hard work will pay off when you receive a first class doctoral degree.

When I call Essay help UK, I was least concerned about the defense because I exactly knew what I was writing in the dissertation, where the research is coming from, why a specific point is included in the dissertation and so on. Without much preparation, I successfully defended my dissertation in an excellent manner. This, however, is not recommended! Following are some ways through which you can defend your dissertation quite well:
  1. Attend other dissertation defense talks: Instead of trying to make your defense even better, attend the dissertation defense talks of other people to get an idea of how the committee is attacking. Keep a close eye on the way committee moves on with questions and check what are the most common questions they are asking. After strict analyses, prepare well for those answers in such a way that the committee does not feel like you have specifically prepared for these questions. Also observe which method of defender impresses the committee and try to adopt them in your defense. However, do not act fake in an attempt to adopt the strategies used by others.
  2. Practice talks and preparation of slides: Make sure you are well aware of the professional presentation styles like avoiding wordiness on slides and so on. Use them at all times and once done with the presentation, practice speaking about it several times before actually defending the dissertation in front of the committee. This will help you deliver the presentation without even looking at the slides and it shows how well you are prepared for the dissertation defense. Also, practice talks boost confidence.
  3. Predict the questions that are probably going to arise: Since I used to do my dissertation all by myself, I had a clear idea of everything that was included in it. Hence it was quite easy to predict where the questions are likely to arise and they did! However, the dissertation committee is very unpredictable so you should expect the unexpected questions to be thrown at you as well! Come up with logical answers to these predicted questions and you will be good to go.
  4. Make others question you on your dissertation: Ask some friends working on their own dissertations to go through your dissertation and ask questions as if they were from the committee. It is time consuming for them but they will expect the same from you. The type of questions other people ask based on your dissertation are also highly likely to be asked by the dissertation committee.

Through attending the defense talks, predicting questions and making others ask questions, you will have sufficient questions to prepare for and most of your defense preparation is done. All you need is some confidence to reply to these questions in front of the committee.
Author bio: Leonard Dsouza is an expert of artificial intelligence and robotics. With a deep interest in cosmology and astrology, Leonard is always conducting some research.     


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