Money Saving Tips During PhD

Two very important things are limited in life and should be saved as much as possible: time and money. As a student, you begin to realize the importance of time and money because the schedule gets very tough in college and there is a limited budget you have to survive in especially if you live in hostel. Keeping the time factor aside, there are several ways through which you can make the current budget sufficient for yourself rather than finding ways to earn more.

Earning more can cost you a lot of extra time which, as stated, is limited so you might not be able to spend more time on job along with a PhD. So you should know of tips to save money. I often wondered during my PhD can someone know the best essay services UK so that they could earn more and increase their budget but that was not a good idea. Following are some tips through which you can save money while doing your PhD:
  1. Start off with a not-so-luxury car: It is totally understandable that you fought hard to reach this level of academia and deserve the best but while you are doing your PhD, it is a wise idea to buy a less luxury car than what you always dream't of. Jumping straight to a BMW can make your budget very difficult to survive in due to overhead costs of lease and insurance. So start off with a relatively smaller vehicle for your family because it is undoubtedly a need. This would ease your budget and will leave more amount to spend on other important expenses.
  2. Watch your spending on books: Do not buy the course material all at once before confirming if you would need them or not. PhD course material might cost you quite a lot so if you spend carelessly on books and course material, you might end up with a very low budget to spend on other important tasks. As you go along the program, you will eventually realize the need of course material and books so buy them when you need it rather than buying it earlier to avoid any delays later on. Do not worry because you will be told well before time about what to have with you.
  3. Try avoiding luxury spending all at once: You struggled to reach this height of success so you surely deserve to get everything you want. But try to manage it well as time passes. If you spend your savings or income all at once on several luxuries, you will find yourself in a financially miserable situation. A good alternative is to spend one by one on each luxury every months so that you can save some for yourself. Remember that you can need money on urgent basis for any unforeseen event so save some for yourself.Manage your diet plan: Do not spend ruthlessly on food because that is something you can save on. Instead of eating expensive food from international food chains all the time, you can sometimes have cheaper but healthier food from your campus cafeteria. By following this, I saved a significant amount of money and thought can someone do my dissertation now!

So follow these tips and save money at this crucial stage of your life.
Author bio: Lindsay Abram is a financial advisor to the director finance of a multinational leather products firm. After obtaining her PhD in finance, Lindsay served several organizations as a finance officer.  


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