Fears of a PhD Student

To begin with motivational sentence, reaching the level of PhD is not an ordinary act for anyone. It is a commendable decision taken by some great minds who visualize something great for humanity through their contributions. In every field, academics, work and entrepreneurship, some kind of fear is always attached that every individual have to fight. These fears can either break you or you can destroy them using your confidence and tricks that you learn from other. Similarly, a number of fears are usually found in a PhD student throughout the world.If fears exist in this world, so does the ways through which you can overcome them. I once visited a professional for essay writing service uk during my PhD and he proved to be an excellent mentor for me. Following are some fears that a lot of PhD students have within them with some solutions that you may find helpful: 

  1. The workload during dissertation: The greatest fear that a survey revealed about PhD students is that they will have to face the amount of workload that they have never done before. This is not a lie but fearing this workload will only make things worse. Yes it is true that the workload might become unmanageable but fearing it should never be an option. Fear would not take this workload away from you. One thing should be clear in your mind that confidence will play a major role in helping you pass through this phase. To follow, fear is the most effective destroyer of confidence which eventually means that fear would only pull you back.The best way to overcome this fear is by planning for future when you will have to face such a situation. When you will have things planned, the workload would be expected and hence fear would be less than usual. You can also listen to motivational stories of seniors who did exceptionally well in dealing with the workload. This, however, could make it worse because some seniors might not have a very good story to tell!
  2. Sacrificing tourism and traveling opportunities: Another fear among PhD students is that they are required to sacrifice their plans for tourism and traveling with friends. There have been cases when students were left socially isolated because of their PhD programs since it rarely allows any time for leisure. This is true to an extent but not all PhD students stay at home socially isolated. Students who manage their time well and plan for everything are usually able to enjoy all of their passions and not just one! Be the kind of student who never procrastinates and is a well-planner so that when your reach the dissertation writing phase, you can manage everything well and make your traveling plans successful.
  3. The serious responsibilities: At this point of life, you cannot joke about everything because this is when you need to get serious. As a PhD student, you are in the age group when the responsibilities of marriage, work and studies will fall on you and you cannot simply escape them. The best way to overcome this fear is by not thinking about it now! There is probably no other way to escape these responsibilities so when they actually fall upon you, you will find ways to deal with them like I found mine through dissertation proposal help.


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