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In the period of six to eight or more semesters at college for your undergraduate program, you get to enjoy a lot of breaks including summer break, winter break and spring break. However, one of these is usually a very long one in which hostel students are required to completely check out of their current rooms, leaving none of their belongings behind. This is a hectic process since almost every student brings a lot of their belongings in parts and when it is time to take back, they have to take all of it together.

Once you spend a very long time away from college, there is a high probability that you might not understand how to do everything and what to take with you. There will also be some stress of excess luggage and setting up a new room so experts providing essay writing UK and other professionals suggest the following tips to students who return to college after several weeks:
  1. Talk to seniors about it: A major reason why everyone recommends to keep good ties with seniors is because they can help you with almost anything at college. Be it academics, athletics, student-run societies or hostel life, seniors are learned people who have experienced everything recently. So have a brief discussion with the seniors you are friends with about how they manage their return to college after a long break. Each individual with provide you with valuable advice which you must note down under all circumstances.Since the stress is too much and there are so many things to remember, writing everything down is a great idea. Use the notes as you are preparing for departure as well as when you reach college.
  2. Satisfy your basic needs: When I talk about basic needs here, it does not refer to clothing and shelter. In today’s era and college life, things like internet, extension lead, mobile charger and pillows a basic need without which you cannot simply begin your journey at college. As soon as you check in to your hostel, prepare a checklist of all these basic things and complete it before moving on to any other work. You might have to get your devices including mobile phone and laptop configured by the IT help desk at college so keep that as a priority.
  3. Develop good relations with your roommate: There is a high probability that you might not get your desired roommate due to space issues or some other reason. Whoever it is, you have to accept him and continue with your life. As soon as you move back to the hostel, know who your roommate is and be friends with him. The next thing you have to do is prepare a set of rules to follow. Regardless of whether you have done this before or not, rules are important to avoid any troubles in future.
  4. Immediately report any damages in your room: A housing officer will be available in his office most of the time when students are checking in. When you enter your room, search for any damages and file a report within 24 hours to avoid being blamed for it later. Also count the keys you have and report if some are missing.

According to experts of assignment writing UK, these tips will help you get a smooth start at college after a lengthy break.


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