Academic Writing at College

Academic writing is defined in a different manner at different levels of academia. In high school, academic writing is usually about writing argumentative or expository essays but the definition changes dramatically at college. You will get introduced to several other styles of essay writing and there is a high possibility that you might struggle with some of them in the beginning but will get used to it gradually. There are several rules to keep in mind for each type of academic writing and this cannot be done without help.Either you bother the professor and teaching assistants in their office hours or pay essay writing service uk providers to help you with academic writing, there will be a need for some kind of help in this regard. However, following are some ways in which you can avoid this struggle and get decent marks on your academic writing tasks from the beginning of college:

  1. Be aware of the types of academic writing you may encounter: Before college begins, do not waste your entire vacations playing a new game on your console. Spend some time researching about what type of academic writing is common in most colleges. You will come across several types of essays including argumentative, persuasive, expository and narrative so just try to get a brief idea of what all these types mean. There is no need of practicing at this stage because you will have to write many of them later on!
  2. Talk to high school counselors and college seniors: The counselors at high school are there to guide you with regard to college. Their work is not till getting you in college but they are willing to help you even after that. Approach them and they will guide you on how to deal with the new styles of academic writing. They might suggest some books to get tips and ideas from. Also, if you are friends with any seniors at college, talk to them about how different high school academic writing is from college. They will provide you with necessary tips to keep in mind and what to expect when college begins. This will significantly help you improve your grade in basic writing courses and further in advanced courses.
  3. Take advantage of external agents: There are several firms and individuals providing short or long term help with academic writing. Some essay writing service providers are reliable and know extremely efficient tips to ace academic writing at college. So choose your helper wisely and pay some amount to them. However, if you are paying them make sure you make the most out of it and ask every possible question you can.
  4. Practice at college: All the efforts should not be put in before college because you need to practice during the semester for better results. Carefully listen to the lectures and actively participate in basic writing course because instructor will teach all the rules of academic writing that you will encounter in several courses throughout college. Although your instructor might not ask you to practice, you should do it yourself for better grades. Write a sample and get your instructor read it. Pay attention to the feedback and improve your academic writing skills for better grade not only in this course but in further courses as well.

Author bio: Joshua Mills is a biochemical engineer who is the head of chemical engineering department at a college in Minnesota. He worked as a guidance counselor for some years and was promoted to the position of director student affairs later on.


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