Improving Academic Performance at College

Out of a plethora of activities that you do at college, academic is the most important one that requires a lot of your time and focus. At the end of the day, it would be your cumulative GPA that would decide whether you are eligible for a multinational corporation or not and the other activities you were involved in would come next. So it should be a student’s top priority to improve his academic performance for a better GPA.An improvement in academics can be brought very easily and the best part is that you can easily observe a change though the marks you get in assignments and quizzes. I often asked others to do essay writing for me in order to get good marks in other exams and assignments which was undoubtedly a great strategy. 

However, it is better if you improve your academic performance to get good GPA rather than outsourcing assignments. Following are some tips to help you improve your performance in academics:
  1. Taking class attendance seriously: No matter how much you study from books and notes by yourself, you will not be perfectly confident about the concepts unless you are taught by a professor. Instructors simplify what the books have and explain the concepts using examples which give you a clearer picture. If you miss classes, you would miss out on a number of lectures and since most lectures are related to each other in one way or another, the entire course could slip out of hand. So attend classes not for the sake of attendance but for the sake of learning and you will eventually observe an improvement in your academic performance.
  2. Last minute studying: Spending the whole night before an exam studying is the worse strategy students could adopt, claims education expert analysts. In order for human brain to function properly, it requires sleep of at least seven hours without which your efficiency during exam will be lower than what is required. Therefore, academic experts emphasize greatly upon students avoiding last minute study because it only negatively affects your performance in exams. A great strategy that is surely successful is that students should study everyday for a few minutes. Revising what the instructor teaches in class daily is a great approach that can help students avoid this last minute panic. It is strongly advised to not study the entire night before an exam and get enough sleep.
  3.  Combine study sessions in certain courses: A study revealed that majority of students finds combined study sessions extremely beneficial for courses that require practice. For example, mathematics and accounting can have several kinds of questions that may repeat in an exam so if you study for these courses with a group of friends, you will be able to face various challenges and practice them before finally appearing for the exam. This will consequently improve your performance.
  4.  Managing time well: A very important skill that students must have is time management without which academic performance cannot be improved. If you fail to manage time well, you might spend too less or too much time on academics which would not be the best for you. At some points, I used to ask others to do my essay for me because unforeseen incidents also occur that disturbs your timetable.

Author bio: Jeff Mathews is a civil engineer who is currently supervising three mega projects in Dubai. After obtaining his degree in civil engineering, Jeff took some courses of finance to get involved in stock markets.


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