How can essay skills be helpful in professional life?

Educational institutes have been emphasizing greatly on essay writing from the very beginning of academic life. The aim of a majority of teachers is to introduce young children to this so that they are constantly in practice and not only learn but get proficient in certain skills that are likely to help individuals in their professional life. This form of writing can expose you to some great skills including critical thinking, research, time management, staying motivated throughout, following instructions, interpretation and many more.

Although these skills may sound excellent, how can they really help you in professional life? Experts offering essay help claim that the corporate world requires an individual to have much more than just an academic degree. It requires you to have a combination of skills along with the degree to fulfill your responsibilities and give back to the corporation. With skills you learn via writing,you are able to maximize your productivity and efficiency at workplace which will not only make you an outstanding employee but also make the journey easier for you. Following are some ways in which the skills can be helpful in professional life:
  1. Critically thinking on business cases: The critical thinking skill comes into action almost every day when you will be presented with a case to solve. The cases require thorough analysis and you have to critically think about every possible solution so minimize obstacles and risks that could occur. Without sufficient writing experience, you may not be able to think critically on the matter and your decision-making might be questioned by higher authorities. As a consultant or advisor, exceptional critical thinking skill can help you shine in the organization opening prospects for rapid success.
  2. Managing many projects: Workload is not significantly reduced as you end college and start working in an organization. Your boss is likely to overburden you with multiple projects simultaneously and this will require you to meet deadlines in the most efficient way possible. One of the most important skills that essay writing teaches you is time management as you have to submit multiple assignments within a given deadline.With such a skill, you will find it easier to plan activities in a way that will help you complete all the projects on time without leaving you exhausted or deteriorating work quality. 
  3. Motivation to work: Every individual faces a point when there is no motivation to work anymore regardless of what the task is. With writing assignments, you must have faced this situation a lot of times but since they are graded you find some motivation to work. This makes you capable of finding motivation in almost any case in professional life and studies reveal that motivation is the best asset owned by employees. A demotivated employee will not only work at a slower pace than usual but also start hating their job which can be very frustrating in professional life. Hence this skill can turn out to be very helpful. 
  4. Accurate interpretation of the instructions provided: Every project that you are given to handle comes with a set of instructions, rules and regulations. While in high school and college, there is no harm confirming from the professor or TA on how to interpret the topic or instructions but once you enter the corporate world, it is highly unprofessional to ask for clarifications from higher authorities. Nevertheless, you must always point out mistakes if you observe any.Hence with this skill, you will be able to accurately interpret the instructions of projects and minimize the chances of any blunders or mistakes. 
  5. Conducting research on market conditions and other matters: A core skill that you learn in essay writing is conducting research and citing sources. While you may not need to use citation styles at all in corporate world, you will always have to get involved in some sort of research work. As a marketing person, you will have to conduct market research. As an HR person, you may have to conduct research on effective ways to motivate employees. As a finance person, you may need to conduct research on the best possible investment options for the company. Therefore, researching skills will make this job easier for you. In fact, research in corporates is relatively simpler as compared to college assignments because you have to go over multiple academic sources in that case.

So you can see how the skills that you learn throughout your academic life via writing activities does not end with the journey. The skills will always help you throughout in one way or the other so you must practice writing as much as you can. Do not consider it as an academic burden but an opportunity for yourself to learn. 


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