Improving Second Year at College

College life is all about learning, experiences and improving yourself. After a plethora of learning and experiences in the first year through academic pressure, job workload and social interactions, students should improve their experience for the next year by following strategies to deal with the mistakes made last year. Beginning from the orientation week and through the quizzes, assignments, exams and presentation, each stage is an opportunity to learn. This is one reason why you will notice seniors living an easier life despite having tougher courses and workload.

Even if you take shortcuts like consuming essay help online services and getting assignments done by external agencies, it teaches you something to do or not to do in coming semesters at college. Following are some things you should look at from the past year to improve it in the second year:
  1. Your daily routine: The first and foremost thing to consider the routine you followed the entire semester and then the year. Analyze whether you were comfortable with the routine or is there anything better you can plan keeping in mind the difficulties you faced and benefits you enjoyed from the previous year. The plan would be slightly different since the class timings change each semester and so try to accommodate these changes well.
  2. The method of study: What studying strategy did you follow the previous year? Were you comfortable studying in library or in your dorm? Was the strategy successful in helping you learn and secure good grades? Answer all these questions before the second semester begins. It is very important to study somewhere you are not distracted and are comfortable. Also, determine whether one long study session was more efficient than several breaks in between and whether you were better off studying alone or conducting combined study sessions. Choose a suitable study plan for the second year keeping all these points in mind. 
  3. Involvement in extracurricular activities and societies: You may realize later on that the societies you joined had less fun than many others you should have joined. Plan on joining those when the recruitment begins and even though you will be at a disadvantage for not joining in at the beginning of freshmen year, there will still be a lot of opportunities for you. Also, analyze the time spent on extracurricular activities to check if you spent too much or too less time on them and whether or not it was worth it.
  4. Managing academic, social and work life appropriately: Just as you begin your journey at college, a lot of things are thrown at you simultaneously making it difficult for you to manage at first. It will take a lot of time to understand how things will work in coming years and hence you need to plan everything accordingly. Do not take unnecessary job workload if it is not mandatory and allocate some time to social life even if you are extremely busy. 

At the end of your freshman year, you will realize anyway how important it is to manage everything together. The aim is just to make a proper plan on how to manage it.You can always reduce burden of academics by using essay writing online services or assignment helpers while focusing on other tasks.

Author bio: Tim Ricardo is the strategic advisor of a multinational corporation. He is extremely creative in matters of entrepreneurship and is an excellent decision maker. 


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