Useful Tips for in-class Short Essays

Essay writing is not always about writing several pages after spending sleepless nights on research. It is not always very lengthy and hectic and as a college student, you might be asked to write a short essay with merely a few minutes allowed during the class. Since this is relatively less common than essay writing assignments, students panic and perform poorly when in-class assignments are assigned to them.These essays are to be dealt with in a slightly different manner because firstly, time is the real challenge and secondly, conducting research is not allowed!

Expert essay writers UK at quick essay help are well aware of the problems that students face in short essays which mean that they can offer some great tips to help you write a good essay before time is up. The best tips can only come from those who are aware of the basic problems that students face without which the advice would be based on mere assumptions. By following the tips, you will find in-class short essays easier than before because you would know what to expect and how to deal with them.
Regardless of how brief you need to write, it is graded to some extent and so effort has to be made. Following are some tips that can help you ace you’re in-class essays:
  1. Clarify in your mind what you want: Do not come under the influence of what everyone thinks. Since time is scarce students often decide to write on a topic on which everyone is writing because that specific topic is usually the easiest. This can deteriorate the quality of your essay. Instead, you should write on a topic that is of interest to you and you have sufficient data about it. Also, writing on an easy topic would mean that the professor would expect something exceptional and competition would be tough. Any average quality content would land you to lower marks. 
  2. Improve your brainstorming ability: The most crucial part of an in-class essay is brainstorming ideas about the topic you had chosen. Since you cannot conduct any research for such an essay, you have to immediately come up with as much content as possible that can be included in the essay. Brainstorming ability is improved with practice because the more you brainstorm about random things, the more your brain is trained to think of any topic almost rapidly. Once every two or three days, start brainstorming about different topics in your free time and eventually you will be able to gather content for in-class essays. Also, stay updated with current affairs and read as much as you can because the more worldly knowledge you have, the faster you can brainstorm.
  3. Spend time on the plan: Regardless of how much time you have in total, do not skip the draft plan. A plan will include what you need to write in every paragraph which means that once you start writing, there are negligible chances of being stuck at any point. Without a plan, you may get stuck maybe because you are unclear about how to proceed and these wastes a lot of your time which is un affordable given the time you are allowed for in-class short essays. So once you have brainstormed ideas, immediately jot down a brief plan stating which information would be included in which paragraph and write the essay accordingly. Keep track of time throughout so that you do not end up spending too much time on any specific paragraph.
  4. Reserve some time for proofreading: A common mistake in short essays that students make is that they often ignore proofreading and just submit after writing the essay. This is not recommended because experts and professors claim that students lose significant credits for vocabulary and grammatical errors. Since the essay is written in a hurry, it comes as no surprise that the possibility of finding grammatical and vocabulary errors increases. Therefore while writing your essay, make sure you spare at least five minutes for proofreading so that you can get some errors out of the way before submission.
  5. Do not panic: Finally, you might see students handing over their essays in a few minutes but you do not need to panic. Instead of being bothered by how much time other students are taking to submit an essay, focus on your own writing plan and make sure you follow that strictly. Students often write a poor quality essay without brainstorming or drafting a plan which saves them half the time so there is no reason why you should panic if someone else submits it early.

With these tips, you can write a great in-class short essay on almost any topic you are provided with. 


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